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It’s officially Spring semester 2009. I’ve been in graduate school for two years.

In the Fall I took my final course, Geostatistics for Fishery Applications, which resulted in this:

Fantastic, right? It’s a kriged map of yellowtail flounder abundance based on my tagging data. It’s a bit out of context because it’s only from a portion of the data, but there is potential here.

After a whirlwind Fall of travel and conferences, I am planting myself in front of the computer this Spring to get some things done. I am currently working on a manuscript for the Proceedings of the International Flatfish Symposium, and a side project looking at the potential role of cannibalism on the stock-recruit relationship for silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis).

I am doing this all while experimenting with the website 2collab which appears to be much like del.ici.ous for academics. I hope to report more on the success (or lack thereof) of this bookmarking tool.

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