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I am in the pause between my second and third semesters as a Master’s student at UMass-Dartmouth. I have completed six courses, two seminars, and ideating about two different thesis topics (most grad students only make it to one). I started out with one project, lost funding, adopted a second, then welcomed our MFI funding back and reverted to what my professor calls “Plan A.” (As an aside, Plan B. considered movement of flounder in an area closed to fishing and is still an interest of mine.) Without further ado, I unveil “Plan A.”

Plan A.
Absolute estimation of yellowtail flounder using a Petersen mark-recapture method.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the estimate of yellowtail flounder stock size, and in turn the TAC for groundfish and scallop fisheries (NEFSC 2005). A Peterson mark-recapture study will be used to estimate absolute abundance of yellowtail flounder in the sea scallop access area of Closed Area II on Georges Bank in the Northwest Atlantic. Absolute abundance estimates of yellowtail flounder will greatly enhance existing estimates of yellowtail abundance in scallop access areas in order to ensure that the most accurate biomass estimates are used when setting total allowable catches of yellowtail flounder. Video survey techniques will also be used as an independent estimate of absolute yellowtail flounder abundance (Cadrin 2007).

Now that we have funding for this neat little experiment, I am tasked with completing my thesis proposal and assembling a committee. Stay tuned.

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