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  • Experiments in Homegrown Eating

    24 June, 11:15 AM

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    Q: What do strawberries, scup, pasta, and Cornish Rock chicks have in common?

    A: They are all recent players in my “getting to know your food” trials.

    I picked close to 15 pounds of strawberries the weekend that Tony Andrews Farm opened. It’s roughly 3 minutes from home and the plants were loaded with beautiful, brilliant red berries. I picked and picked and picked until my knees and thighs said “no more!” But then I picked...

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  • How Does Your Garden Grow

    9 May, 11:22 PM

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    I come from farming people. Just a generation or so away were people who grew food for a living, and in between there are a slew of folks that grow food for personal and family sustenance. As a child I hated gardening chores – weeding, harvesting, “putting up.” My parents have always had large gardens, and my father tends the vegetables while my mother grows flowers. I was never excited about helping them, but now...

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  • On Narcissus

    20 April, 10:59 PM

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    No, not that Narcissus, this Narcissus. The flower. The daffodil.

    I’m in love with daffodils right now. They’re everywhere. They’ve burst forth, like tiny Springtime fireworks in sprays of yellow, orange and green.

    But that’s not all – they come in all sorts of sizes and color variations. Small, pale, fluffy, plain, bright, windswept; in all combinations of yellow, orange and white. Put a bunch of them together (thanks, Mom),...

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  • Ichthyo: The Architecture of Fish

    29 January, 04:19 PM

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    There are lots of amazing coffee table and photo/art books out there. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that I’ve wanted so bad! At the crux of science and art you find books like this:

    “Ichthyo — Originally created to preserve a record of scientific samples, the black and white X-rays of fish at the Smithsonian Institution have emerged as astonishing works of art in their own right....

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