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  • How Does Your Garden Grow

    9 May, 11:22 PM

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    I come from farming people. Just a generation or so away were people who grew food for a living, and in between there are a slew of folks that grow food for personal and family sustenance. As a child I hated gardening chores – weeding, harvesting, “putting up.” My parents have always had large gardens, and my father tends the vegetables while my mother grows flowers. I was never excited about helping them, but now...

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  • Clamming

    6 April, 11:15 PM


    Sunday was one of those “first days” of Spring. The calendar said it was Spring a couple weeks ago, but you know the days I mean. The sun finally brings some warmth. Layers are stripped off, beverages involving ice are served, dogs pant, crocuses bloom. People throw open drapes, windows, doors, their arms. It’s glorious.

    A long day of satisfying yardwork and chores gives way to recreation. Bonus: it’s the kind that provides dinner. Just...

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  • Ichthyo: The Architecture of Fish

    29 January, 04:19 PM

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    There are lots of amazing coffee table and photo/art books out there. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that I’ve wanted so bad! At the crux of science and art you find books like this:

    “Ichthyo — Originally created to preserve a record of scientific samples, the black and white X-rays of fish at the Smithsonian Institution have emerged as astonishing works of art in their own right....

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