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  • Ode to Radishes

    5 June, 06:06 PM


    A brief garden update: I have been eating radishes and enjoying lettuce and herbs. Radishes are delicious but sometimes so pretty they’re difficult to eat.


    The tomatoes are looking very happy and I believe I have now collected at least 7 varieties in the garden. Some heirloom, some hybrid, which makes me feel a little sleazy but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

    In effort...

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  • Warmest of Welcome Homes

    20 October, 02:30 PM


    I picked this up off Bark Magazine’s blog. Talk about bringing tears to your eyes. Please don’t try to tell me dogs don’t have feelings.

    I blame a good amount of the teary-ness on that stupid song. I swear, put that to any video and my eyes will leak. I hate you for doing this to me, Green Day.

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