• Portugal

    Jan 28, 07:50 PM


    Disclaimer: I went to Portugal nearly three months ago now. I’m only now finishing up the blog post. (It’s late January.) It ends rather abruptly, as I don’t have any notes to go on. Sincere apologies. I’ll try to be more on top of travels to come.

    After a teary goodbye with Rachel in the rain (cursed rain), I flew west to Lisboa. I navigated the airport and public transportation system...

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  • Spain

    Dec 24, 12:32 PM

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    It is Christmas Eve, and I am the lone grad student in a sea of cubicles. The trickling of the fish tank has never been so loud. I turn on Pandora’s Folk Holidays station and realize that I need to get some work done. Or I could blow the stink off the musty, dusty blog that hasn’t been touched since before I left for Europe. Yes, let’s do that.

    So I...

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  • Va al Otro Lado del Mar

    Oct 26, 09:22 PM


    I leave for two weeks in Spain and Portugal tomorrow. The first week is vacation — six days with my best pal Rachel in Barcelona before I head to Sesimbra, Portugal for the International Flatfish Symposium.

    I haven’t been so good at blogging while traveling in the past, but I will have my laptop with me so I’ll do my best to send along some updates and photos.


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  • Why I Love That Band

    Aug 28, 05:18 PM

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    One word: Superjam.

    Photo credit Mark Burgin, aka PeacockRadioMark.

    I was sorry to have missed the Northwest String Summit this year, but going to Alaska was pretty damn cool.

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  • Return of the Blog Post

    Jul 3, 04:31 PM

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    Has Brian already blogged the bamboo bikes? I think probably.

    I am going to do this in Alaska.

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