• The Price of Saving a Whale

    Apr 9, 01:30 PM


    I should probably write about fishing more. It seems there’s a huge open niche for a brilliantly-designed blog [have I thanked Brian and Jake lately? No? You guys rock.] about Cape Cod/New England fishing issues. The problem is that I spend enough hours of my day battling with the thesis that often when I get here to write a little I’d much rather wax poetic on the other things in life I’m interested...

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  • Happy Inauguration Day!

    Jan 20, 01:30 PM


    Just in case you’ve forgotten what we’re getting rid of (how could you?), here’s a tip of the iceberg reminder. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, Dubya! (love you, Randi).

    I’m really getting in the spirit over here. I had big plans to go to school and sit in the windowless cubicleville, but this...

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  • Next Layoff

    Jan 15, 01:17 PM


    It may be sad, but this gets me interested in our economic troubles more than stock market numbers and finger pointing. It’s quite cute, and creative.

    Zoos matter, yes. If people (especially children) aren’t introduced to nature up close and personal, they will never develop the kind of ethic that creates the demand for conservation.

    I thank the Mystic Aquarium for...

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  • Southern Visitor

    Oct 9, 01:36 PM


    I’ve been keeping tabs on the manatee that has been hanging around in the waters of Cape Cod for the last few weeks. The Cape Cod Times is doing a nice job of informing those interested on its whereabouts and status. This video by the Dennis Selectman shows some lovely footage of the algae-covered creature.

    The species has managed to stay around all these years despite being pretty slow...

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  • Pretty Cool

    Aug 29, 11:16 AM


    My favorite band played the Democratic National Convention yesterday. Here’s a link to the audio on bt.etree.org. The played a song called “New Horizons” and dedicated it to “all of you out there with a lot of hope in your heart.”

    Count me as one.

    Speaking of that band, I am off in a few hours to see them (and many others) at moe.down 9 in Turin, NY. ...

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