• Honey Coconut Blackberry Sauce

    Aug 23, 11:41 AM

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    I made up a recipe this morning.

    At the Orleans farmer’s market yesterday I bought a pint of wild blackberries. Another customer asked the man (from Terra Luna) where he got them and he responded with a general region and sneaky smile. “I can’t give you specifics,” he said.

    I love berries. I wanted to introduce these to something else I love: crepes. My crepe love started in college when Rachel and I would...

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  • To Market, To Market

    Aug 18, 09:45 PM

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    I spend many of my days lately laying my head down in Portsmouth, NH. It’s a not unfamiliar place, and very welcoming. This past weekend, with the Hunter in Alaska, I stayed up here with the dog and made my first pilgrimage to the city farmer’s market.

    It was breathtaking. It was a smile-a-minute. It was glorious. It was summertime.

    Unlike the time of year when strawberries and greens are picked frantically, greedily, desperately, this...

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  • Catching Up

    Jul 20, 11:43 PM

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    I started my new job today. This was immediately (and I do mean immediately — maybe even simultaneously) preceded by turning in a draft of my thesis. Phew. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.


    There really is a summer this year. It’s finally been warmer and I’ve gotten the obligatory first sunburn. (Say what you will about skin cancer – my self esteem is way higher when I am wearing a nice summer bronze.)...

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  • Experiments in Homegrown Eating

    Jun 24, 11:15 AM

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    Q: What do strawberries, scup, pasta, and Cornish Rock chicks have in common?

    A: They are all recent players in my “getting to know your food” trials.

    I picked close to 15 pounds of strawberries the weekend that Tony Andrews Farm opened. It’s roughly 3 minutes from home and the plants were loaded with beautiful, brilliant red berries. I picked and picked and picked until my knees and thighs said “no more!” But then I picked...

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  • Ode to Radishes

    Jun 5, 06:06 PM


    A brief garden update: I have been eating radishes and enjoying lettuce and herbs. Radishes are delicious but sometimes so pretty they’re difficult to eat.


    The tomatoes are looking very happy and I believe I have now collected at least 7 varieties in the garden. Some heirloom, some hybrid, which makes me feel a little sleazy but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

    In effort...

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