I really like Twitter. It is a quick and easy way to follow friends and post thoughts to the webosphere. or whatever. (in fact, more of you should do it so i don’t look like such a loser with so few followers. hello? is anybody out there? does anyone read this thing anymore? sign up! it’s fun!)

I don’t use this blog enough. I envisioned using it to write long, rambling missives about things I like and care about and/or can’t get off my mind. Since I am not great at textile, my compositions are clunky and slow and I rarely finish and post them. The blog sits idle for months at a time despite my best laid plans.

Enter Tumblr. (Thanks, Brian.) ‘Quick and easy’ appears to be its middle name. Wait, it doesn’t have a last name so how can it have a middle name? See, this is how I get to rambling. Ok, i will give it a last name too. ‘Simple enough even a blog-challenged, stressed-out grad student can do it.’

So go check out Tumbler Quick and Easy Simple Enough Even a Blog-Challenged, Stressed-out Grad Student Can Do It. She’s worth a look.

Follow me at http://melgey.tumblr.com.

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