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It is a grey Friday afternoon and I am having an extremely difficult time immersing myself in my statistics take-home midterm. Big fat surprise.

I went to see the band in Boston last night. It was a much-needed celebratory throw-down in the middle of what has been a crappy couple months of seemingly nothing but numbers and heartache. No one likes heartache, and I really hate numbers.

Anyway I haven’t smiled that much in a long time. I was nervous about missing the Sox game and having to field frantic text messaged updates throughout the show, but strangely enough The Roxy came through with two huge big screens at the back of the room. Half of Yonder are massholes (Adam and Ben) and Sox fans so there was lots of interest on the band’s part as well. It may have been a bit annoying for the non-baseball fans there, but for me it was a beautiful mix of bluegrass and sweet victory. I’m almost thinking it would be good luck for the Sox if i went to PA for Saturday night’s show…

Instead i am stuck here in the throes of Sokal and Rohlf and with three hours til happy hour. Stupid grad school.

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