Saying 'So Long' to the iBooks

I got a new MacBook Pro back in early March. I previously had an iBook G4, in fact I still have it. If you want me to be honest, I’d tell you I also have a first generation iBook (circa 1999). And two out of these three are now collecting dust.

Brian has given me lots of advice about what I need to do to prepare my old computers for their next roles in life. Unfortunately, I am rarely taking notes when he tells me these things, and so I wind up asking him the same question multiple times and still not absorbing much information (but I do appreciate it, B). Enter this article, which hopefully will be the answer to my confusion and procrastination and help me to put a few bucks in my pocket and release my trusty old notebooks from CPU Purgatory.

Anyone in the market for a used Mac? :)

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