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Last weekend saw my unusual drive East from Falmouth, out to Wellfleet where my cousin is living for the Spring and summer doing herpetelogical field research for the National Park Service. It is gorgeous there.
such a big beach
The big beaches make you feel so small. I look forward to visiting her out there often in the upcoming months.

Next weekend I will be taking my Spring Break to Orlando, FL. I’ve never been to “Snore-lando,” as some call it, in fact I’ve never been to Florida at all except for an overnight somewhere 10 minutes from the Miami airport on the way back from Haiti. I’m only going now because my good friend Jane (of Jane and Vinny) just moved down there. Cheap flight + free place to stay with good friend you don’t see often enough + warm weather for a few days = how could I say no?

While searching for flights often in the last month (also going to California again in May) I discovered the ‘member page’ feature of, and started up a little map of where I’ve been. Again, no one to share this with yet, but cool nonetheless.

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  1. Jake Mar 12, 01:16 PM

    How could you have never been to Disney World? That place is so cool it’s almost forgivable when the parent corporation screws someone over. ;)

    That Kayak site is pretty cool, I’ve debated creating something like that just for my blog, but I’m not sure it’d be very full… maybe I should start one for motivation. :)

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