One Week With the New Mac

I have my first exam of graduate school tomorrow, so it seems now is as good a time as any for a post. Seems my study habits have not changed much since my first run-in with higher education.

I am enjoying my new MacBook Pro. It is, as promised, much faster for doing just about everything. I can have several different programs open and swing between them with the fluidity of a cartoon ape high-tailing it through the jungle on vines. The video chat option is very cool, and i look forward to talking to Amanda and Brian that way on a regular basis. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone else with a MBP or MB, so it seems that’s all there will be for video conferencing for now. Guess I need to make some new friends.

I love its size and shape and the light-up keyboard. Sometimes I turn the lights in my room out at night when I’m on the computer just to watch the key lights fade up. Watched a DVD on the widescreen for the first time last night, and it was very pleasurable viewing, even from across the room. No more watching DVDs with the computer in bed with me. I used the remote to skip through the opening credits. I have to enjoy use of that now since I am pretty sure that I will either lose it to my scatterbrainedness or my dog’s mischievous maw in the near future.

I am using my study time to find all sorts of good freeware to add while also pondering why i should continue twittering. If nothing else Brian and Jake will always know what i’m doing.

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  1. Jake Mar 12, 04:00 PM

    Well Brian got Amanda on to Twitter as well. I’m just happy to have more people I actually know, it’s funny to see a Darth Vader message but not exactly meaningful.

    I actually have an iSight for my Powerbook, but it’s a pain to attach and detach it if I don’t have a reason to use it. Hopefully I’ll be getting a shiny MBP within 6 months or so and then I won’t have to deal with that.

    I’m definitely jealous.

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