Why I Hate the NBA (this year)

The NBA Finals are upon us. Here are ten reasons why you won’t find me watching them:

1) Because it’s June for god sakes. I’ve been over it for about four months;
2) Because the Celtics made me and people I care about want to jump off a bridge in embarassment;
3) Because Christian Laettner really deserves a ring and the Heat losing to a team with freaking Darko really pissed me off (again);
4) Because Rasheed Wallace is my all-time least favorite Tarheel;
5) Because as much as I not-so-secretly love Tim Duncan, it’s really someone else’s turn, this is getting boring;
6) Because having to comment about the NBA is taking away from The Sports Guy’s sixteen-page dissertations on the Red Sox;
7) Because I cannot support an organization that lured Shavlik Randolph away from my favorite program. Oh wait, no it didn’t Or did it? (O-R They?)
8) I don’t have cable;
9) Looking at David Stern makes me laugh so hard I could possibly pee my pants (more embarassment I don’t need);
10) Really, all I need is the Red Sox.

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  1. Jake Jun 9, 06:44 PM

    I’m glad you can put it into words. I’m never so well spoken, though I’m sure you picked up on that on my site. I stopped liking the NBA a long time ago. I really only enjoy watching sporadic games at family gatherings where everyone screams at the TV.

    I’m much more interested in college basketball. Though I’ll respect your space and not give you any slack for being a rival team’s fan. I mean at least you’re a Red Sox fan. So you’re not all bad. ;)

    But back on topic, I’d mostly have to sum it up that it’s kinda disturbing to see guys who looked pretty decent in college turn into whiney, rich guys who spend outrageous amounts of money on huge, expensive SUV’s, all while scoring 6 points a game. They should be paid like the ladies in the WNBA.

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