The Right Mobilizes?

So my new commute from the Cape to New Bedford gives me ample time to listen to the radio. Usually I am listening to my beloved WCAI, but occasionally i grow tired of it and start surfing the crappy choices of “non-public” radio. The other day I began listening to some conservative talk (only because they weren’t ripping on the left for once) on WXTK the station that also broadcasts all the Red Sox games (the good with the bad, i suppose).

It seems like everyone is starting to realize that there is no Republican candidate out there for 2008 that is conservative enough for the ultra right. Ann Coulter likes Romney (and apparently she also likes calling John Edwards “a faggot”, my God this woman really is the Devil incarnate) but really, who will the uberconservatives like in this race? McCain and Giuliani are clearly a mixed bag, and Romney, while trying to present himself as the clear far right alternative, will always have to live with the fact that he was longtime governor of a very liberal blue state, the first to legalize gay marriage.

Good luck, Republicans.

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