Oh Yeah...

...I got a dog.
My lack of a digital camera is putting a damper on the amount of photos of her I would like to have up—she’s such a gorgeous thing and really I’m pretty sure that if you look up the word cute in the dictionary her mug will be there (so cliche, I know, but I am smitten).

She was picked up in Henderson County, Tennessee as a wee pup by a kind soul who rescued her and her littermates. This woman said that the road was full of dogs, some dead, some alive, and some injured/sick (some even shot). Unfortunately this is the way it goes in the rural South—whether it is poverty or ignorance or a combination of the two, this sort of neglect and abuse of animals is prevalent. Having seen much of it first hand while living in South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, it means a lot to me to be care for and provide a forever home for a dog that I know would not have had a chance for a good life otherwise.

After the kind woman took the puppies to the Humane Society, Pet Matchmaker Rescue stepped in. This is a small non-profit run by a few dog lovers in New England who work with a few more in Tennessee to get dogs North for adoption before they can grow jaded and full of behavioral problems that make them unadoptable in a kennel or worse, end up euthanized like so many unwanted dogs in high kill shelters in the South and Midwest. So, tagged with the name “Morgan,” my pup and her littermates got vaccinated and health checked and shipped up to the RI area. She spent a month and a half with a fine foster mom in Newton, MA and then through the miracle of the internet, found her way to me.

She’s an absolute joy.

“Morgan” doesn’t have the ring i was looking for so we’ve been experimenting with a name change and in the meantime using every nickname we can think of to confuse her. She is “Trouble,” “Mud Dog,” “Dingo,” “Coyote,” “Jackal,” “Poochie,” “Doggie Doodle,” “Babygirl,” and a myriad of other monikers. In the long run, I think I’ll call her Shiloh.

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  1. Jake Dec 19, 04:17 PM

    Ahhh… now those flickr photos make a lot more sense. :)

    She’s adorable, congratulations!

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