The last month has landed me back in the throes of my country music-loving days. But don’t worry, it’s not a regression into pop radio country but rather the exploration of good indie and alt country (which I have dabbled in before) and classic Hank Williams good ol’ days stuff. I am enamored with Tammy and Loretta, and finally giving Dolly the attention she deserves. This seems to be the natural progression from Yonder Mountain and “newgrass/jamgrass” > classic bluegrass > alt and indie country > classic country. It always amazes me that when you first start to explore a new genre, the catalogue is so vast that it seems impossible to make a dent, especially with a conscience that keeps telling you to stay away from the iTunes store, you’ve spent enough there this week.

I am also still obsessing over several bands I saw at the Northwest String Summit, including Deadwood Revival and the Wayword Sons. With an impending drought of Yonder in my life for awhile (don’t expect they’ll be back to the Northeast until next fall, at the earliest) it is time to do some branching out in the live music scene. Last week I saw Greg Brown at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, which was an amazing venue. The NCFTA is a non-profit organization which built a small gallery and stage in an old mill and gets some fairly big name folk artists to play to bring in money. The seating is church style pews arranged around the stage, and you can bring your own drinks and snacks—many people get there early and “picnic” before the shows. There is work available from local artists, and a very friendly vibe. I will be going back for sure.

The two podcasts that have been stuck in the rotation lately are This American Life and The New York Times’ Modern Love.

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