The End of the Summer

While summer is always a busy time of year, I feel like mid-late August becomes an all-out free-for-all as we race around trying to pack in as much ‘fun’ as possible before it all goes down the tubes with back-to-school and back-to-cold-New-England-days. I myself have been to Vermont [favorite parts: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lovers mecca and the miles of winding, pastoral bike paths, Montreal [favorite parts: the botanical gardens and Insectarium (cockroaches, ants and walking sticks, oh my!) and the Latin Quarter], and Martha’s Vineyard [favorite part: seeing Yonder Mountain at Outerland, which is a great place to see a show! Least favorite part: paying $44 to stay for six hours at a crappy campground with 8,000 skunks]—all in the last two weeks.

I leave for New Hampshire today and Oregon (so close I can hear the banjos) Wednesday.

Hope you are racing toward a beautiful end of summer too.

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