Walk for Animals, cont'd

Thanks to all who have made donations to the MSPCA. For those of you who don’t know, I am an animal lover. My best friends growing up were my one-eyed beagle-daschund mutt, Muffin, a myriad succession of cats, the gorgeous beagle, Annie, and my grey arabian horses, Alex and Tiq. I showed sheep and goats and bunnies in 4H and scratched an octopus between the eyes while volunteering at my local aquarium. All of this led to my belief that the world is a better place when we can surround ourselves by non-humanoids, and that a portion of my life would always be devoted to those furry fuzzies (and sometimes scaly slimies) in need.

Due to my nomadic lifestyle since college, I have been unable to have pets of my own since I moved out of my parents’ place. Meeya , the beautiful lab x rottweiler mix i brought home from the vet’s office where I worked for a time, is now entering her golden years in CT with Mom and Dad, where she grows more and more annoyed by the day by the ancient Mitty, the saggy-baggy-bellied Scully, and bratty, fresh young Mikey. She is visited on occassion by neighbors Jack—the corgi who sees gnomes—and that crazy streak of lightening that resembles a springer spaniel. She helps her mom do chores when the horses on the hill need feedings, and is mostly scared of the hooved Brown Horse and his compatriot, Chief.

I get to go home to my roommates’ dogs, Moxie, Dagwood and Iko , and a cat who thinks he is a dog, Teenie Man. They are each crazy in their own loveable ways, and I consider myself lucky to get to share their company.

I will soon get to move in with a lovingly hyper Wheaton terrier, and I hope to take up a volunteer job at a local Boston shelter one day a week. I look forward to the day that i can bring home my own mutts, and in the meantime will do what I can to support the people and organizations that rescue.

Thanks for helping me reach my goal. Here is the link again.

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