David Stern for President

Well, both Marcus Williams and I got hit by the Duke Curse. On Draft night I got knocked down by a mean bout of sinusitis, and Williams was the last man in the Green Room and the butt of one of DJ Gallo’s funniest jokes ever (IMBO):

Marcus Williams (6-3, PG, UConn)—A great passer who led the nation in assists his sophomore year. Last year, in his junior season, he led the nation in laptop thefts. Has had trouble with weight gain, leading to questions about his work ethic and if he perhaps ate Khalid El-Amin..

I don’t really appreciate the laptop low-blow, but anytime you can work a Khalid El-Amin joke in, I’m bound to fall off my chair.

Tyrus Thomas escaped by the skin of his teeth. (blatant exaggeration.)

In general, it’s hard for me to comment on the Draft from the anti-histamine induced haze I occupied for the first round. At first it was difficult for me to accept ESPN’s coverage—where was E.J.? How would I live through the night without seeing what Craig Sager was wearing? Would the Commish be affected?

After a clumsy interlude in which Greg Anthony dropped the world “philosophically” at least three times and threatened to replace “tremendous upside potential” for the catch phrase of the draft, Dan Patrick’s wry wit took over and saved the day. His banter with the Commish included one brilliant exchange which ended with Patrick saying “I always did like Paul Tagliabue better.”

Stephen A. Smith didn’t add much for me, he’s sort of a like black Dick Vitale, he starts ranting and you just tune out.

My personal favorite hi-light was my tough-as-nails shooting guard making Stu Scott put his tail between his legs. Can’t find the video anywhere but it was beautiful.

I defer to Bill Simmons for the authoritative draft night commentary.

Apparently the World Cup continues tomorrow while a very controversial Tour de France begins. Frankly, they both pale in comparison to what happened on Wednesday night.

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