The Two Cape Cods

Sometimes I am amazed that I have managed to plop myself down in the midst of one of the messiest (if not the messiest) industries on the Atlantic Coast. The plight of fishermen and the bounty they seek is at once alarming, frightening, and heartbreaking.

In a recent installment of the Cape and Islands NPR stations series Two Cape Cods, the decline of the once famous and popular Provincetown dragger fishery is profiled. It is a sad story about a tradition coming to a slow, painful, grinding halt. One fisherman interviewed for the story points fingers at NMFS (my employer) which is typical in the see-saw struggle that regularly pits scientists who believe stocks are imperiled and should be protected in order to save the industry in the long run against fishermen who claim they are stable and want a chance to fish them to feed their families.

It seems there is no simple solution. If I had my way every single whale-belt-wearing, Fendi-bag-toting, fried-seafood-eating tourist that will soon flood this spit of land would have a little bit of awareness force-fed them on their blissful summer vacations this year.

Kudos to NPR, as usual.

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