PRN (Meaning in the Last Few Days/Weeks)

Yonder Mountain String Band, by (you guessed it) the Yonder Mountain String Band.

Everyone is saying this new disc is a far cry from their earlier material, what with the drums and obviously more production involved. (Producer = Tom Rothrock, of Beck, Foo Fighters, etc. fame). I think it is the same old ymsb, and my only complaint is that Adam only sings one song. Well, that and the instrumental, fastball doesn’t make sense. But take this with a grain of salt, because I obviously make no attempts at being impartial.

Live (legal) tapes of Martha Scanlan, new record to be released in the fall.

Her voice breaks my heart it’s so pretty.

The Calendar Hung Itself by Bright Eyes.

Goes good with the rain.

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?, by the Like.

Life is better with chick rock.

The latest dose of Randi

Because my work day is not complete without it.

And then there’s this.

My boyfriend’s college band.

I haven’t actually brought myself to watch it yet because the lead singer is so good looking it makes me uncomfortable.

What is this?

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