Gas, Grass, or...

My father has decided to purchase a 2003 VW Jetta TDI. MY father, the hunter and tractor- and F250-owner. After listening to this episode of On Point, I suppose I shouldn’t be so perplexed. The coolest thing is knowing his love for creating vats of toxic materials (you should try his hard cider sometime) I know I can get him hooked on biodiesel. Still, the first time I see him behind the wheel of this sporty 5-speed, I may actually laugh until I pee my pants, or faint.

Despite this one spark of hope, I am still frustrated at the obvious price gouging, the idea of lowering environmental standards and/or drilling in ANWR, the inexplicable heel-dragging on the part of exploring wind energy off Cape Cod, and the fact that I live in a place where riding my bike to work/shop/play is a virtual death wish, and buying local is all but impossible.

Ahhhhhhhhh-merica. My cell phone bill was $122 this month.

In better news, Josh McRoberts is staying (good choice buddy, you would have had a one-way ticket to WillAveryLand) and I have statistically proven (with a series of t-tests and ANOVA analyses) that 1 in every three episodes of Dawson’s Creek makes me cry.

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  1. Jacob Harvey Apr 28, 05:13 PM

    Now you just need to convince him to convert the engine over for biodiesel… and maybe you should invest in some depends.

    Online Biodiesel Resources – Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial
  2. brian Apr 28, 11:41 PM

    No need to convert an engine for biodiesel… it’ll run on a stock diesel. Infact, Mr. Diesel’s original fuel was vegetarian. But good luck finding a pump – the nearest to him might be up here in Chelsea… who happens to provide the BioHeat B20 fuel that heats our home…
  3. Jacob Harvey May 1, 11:37 AM

    Well I was half awake when I wrote that, as I am now… but I was more thinking along the lines of 100% veggie.

    But here we go with some Treehugger help, dad won’t have to drive all the way up to Brian. :)

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