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Okay, so I recently got sent this link, and upon visiting it realized that it doesn’t end with hippos and tortoises or even rat snakes and hampsters—there were instances in which a lion adopted 3 baby oryx antelope (all on culturally significant American holidays no less, I love how they throw that in). I’ll buy the whole mammal/herp connections, one half of the pair is always too dumb to know any better and has probably had the instinct bred out of them by living in captivity. But a wild lion and a wild oryx? Baffling.

I am secretly hoping to discover a tiger shark and a green turtle chilling out together in Hawai’i, slapping fins and cuddling, Pixar/Disney style. There must of course be repeated use of the word ‘dude’ between them.

Is there any way I can turn all this crap into a graduate thesis? It’s fascinating.

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