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I’ll follow her voice anywhere.

I first saw Sarah Jarosz open for the Infamous Stringdusters at Johnny D’s in Somerville, and that night I fell wholly and irreparably in love with both artists. Her first album, “Song Up in Her Head” has remained steadily in my listening rotation since its debut in 2009, with favorite tracks “Come on Up to the House” (Tom Waits) and “Tell Me True” getting even more plays.

“Follow Me Down” debuted last week and I am no less in love, despite its departure from her first, more playful album. There is a little less spunk in (most of) these tracks, but what they lack in foot-tap inducing energy they make up for in sheer grace. Her voice has matured, and seems to be filled with impossibly more depth and expression. “Run Away” set me smiling the first time I played the disc, and “Ring Them Bells” (Bob Dylan) leaves me shaking my head at this wonderful performer who sounds so polished and yet soulful at such a young age (she just turned 20).

I think I’ll be spinning this album for a long time to come. That’s one of the most striking things about Sarah’s music - it sounds classic from the first listen and stays honest and true.

[You can download another fantastic track from “Follow Me Down,” “Annabel Lee,” free at Amazon right now - click through the photo for the page. The song was penned (as a poem) by Edgar Allan Poe.]

(via Amazon.com: Follow Me Down: Sarah Jarosz)

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