Some Notes Before Departure

I leave for Hawaii the day after tomorrow. Cool. I’m hoping not to run into any of these ginormous Pacific jellyfish. Actually, it might be kind of neat to see one, as long as we don’t literally run into each other.


In case you haven’t noticed, Duke is still undefeated, thanks to the heroic efforts of my seniors against a very good NC State team last night. I still find it terribly annoying that the ACC is now so big that some teams only play each other once a year. This was a fun game to watch and it is dumb that these teams won’t have a chance to play again until the ACC Tournament.

No, I’m not planning on getting over the ACC expansion anytime soon. Stop asking.


Eventually I am going to make a decision about whether buying one of these is a good idea.


So, will a Hawaiian species unseat the current cutest fish in the world? Curious minds want to know, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

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  1. jake Jan 22, 02:03 AM

    Whoops… poooor Duke… ;( I wouldn’t be such a tease, but you are in Hawaii… :-P

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