Feline Fidelity and A Sort of New Year's Resolution

This seems too ridiculous to be true. But how else do you explain it?

In unrelated news, I am addicted to Randi Rhodes. When I first started listening I found her a bit overbearing and annoying (she tends to be so excited about things she routinely cuts off callers, especially ones who disagree with her). But now dowloading the podcast is a staple of my workday. (Streaming live from Air America Radio means listening to a slew of awful commercials.) It is very interesting to listen to a liberal radio show host that is both female and a veteran of the armed forces. She is a self proclaimed “news junkie” and always seems to have the facts to back up her arguments. Plus, she’s hilarious.

Randi is starting a small-scale Oprah-like campaign she’s calling Change for Change, where she’s asked her listeners to start collecting spare change to drop off at Air America affiliate stations which she will then gather in six months and put toward building a house for Katrina victims. Seems like a good way to start off ‘06, making a pledge to throw pennies in a jar in order to illustrate that every little bit counts.

Someone I know suggested I make posting to this blog more often a New Year’s resolution, but I’m not sure that would have the same “make a difference” value. Nevertheless, I’ll try.

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