I Want Vs. I Need

The big gifting holiday has come and gone and I am left in the dust with a small amount of proverbial cash in my proverbial pocket, wondering if my desire for an iPod is justified and/or necessary. I blame it mostly on my cubicle-neighbor, who is constantly sporting the sexy latest-generation black iPod her boyfriend gave her for Christmas.

I have “wanted” an iPod since their inception. They are sleek, hip, fun and as mentioned before, sexy. I see people with them walking down city streets, boarding public transportation, jogging, and doing cool stuff. They are Apple’s walking onslaught marketing machine, and I hate every one of them for making me inevitably fall into the “I want…” whine which always ends in me visiting the Apple Store, clicking on the black 4GB nano and inscribing the words “The voice in my head sings a million tunes!” on the back, putting it in my shopping cart, and never clicking “Checkout.”

My boyfriend, for one, thinks I don’t “need” an iPod, and when he makes his arguments I am usually persuaded. I don’t commute on public transport. I am allergic to the gym. (No, really. I am.) I like owning real cds and the satisfying feeling of my car cd player slurping them in. When I bike, walk, or jog, I prefer to hear what’s going on around me. The conclusion one can draw is clear: I don’t NEED an iPod.

But that doesn’t make the temptation to want any less. Why must they be so damn sexy? What, may I ask, is the sexiness equivalent in something that I actually need?

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  1. jake Jan 3, 06:57 PM

    Well the “get a new boyfriend” joke is way too obvious so I’ll just skip over it. But it does make me wonder what he got you. I mean, maybe he just feels intimidated by your cubicle neighbor’s money throwing boyfriend. ;)

    Usually I’d tell someone not to get something so I could get it for them. Of course I also just blew a lot of money to have a friend in Sweden buy something only available locally and send it overseas to me so I’m a terrible judge.

    I don’t think getting an iPod would kill my personal CD collection. It’s a space waster but I would not feel secure getting rid of all of them and just getting 128 kbit tracks from iTunes. Ugh! They’re sooooo muddy sounding.

    Regardless, I’m not saying you should buy an iPod, but not everything in life has to be about need. Heck I got a zip-up from Veer that cost $70 bucks for Christmas. Normally I would never spend $70 on a sweatshirt.
  2. jake Feb 2, 07:40 PM

    Well doesn’t this make me feel like a selfish jackass… :(

    A Moment of Perspective: iNeed

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