I Love Dairy Cows

After seeing one of Ben and Jerry’s tear-jerking “Save Family Farms” commercials, I visited their web site and found a link to the National Farm Union’s action page, where you can write letters to state officials urging them to support legislation keeping milk prices fair for small-scale family farms.

I followed more links to The Union of Concerned Scientists Food page where I read about antibiotic use in agriculture being the potential reason why I can’t get rid of persistent UTIs and I am now sufficiently pissed off for the day.

Thank you, Ben and Jerry!

A nice pint of non-rBST, family-farm milk produced, fair trade-chocolate containing Chunky Monkey would do me some good right now.

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  1. Laurene Dec 2, 04:13 PM

    I’m Tony & Kim’s Mom. Please email (laurene777@yahoo.com) without the brackets.

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