Reason No. 3,425 Why People Suck

As if the methods of Iraq’s insurgents weren’t already apalling enough, they’ve begun using dogs to do their dirty work.

As anyone who has known me more than thirty seconds would guess, this makes me throw up in my mouth more than a little bit.

Really, is there anything lower than using an innocent, naive member of another species to carry out your senseless murders?

To make myself feel better, I have googled up this passage from one of my favorite chapters in all of literature, Karenin’s Smile from Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

What is this?

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  1. jake Aug 15, 01:31 PM

    How atrocious, it’s sad how they bastardize their own religion.

    Abdel Salam Kubaisi, a spokesman for the Muslim Scholars Assn., a hard-line Sunni Arab clerical organization sympathetic to insurgents, called the practice un-Islamic. “Our religion does not permit us to hurt animals,” ...

    I’m almost ready to move to some remote island and live on “coconuts.” Though future explorers would probably find me insane form zero human contact.

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