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Mumford & Sons (via jkbowkerma)

What’s better than Mumford & Sons & friends live? Mumford & Sons & friends covering the Avett Brothers in a live encore.* Yum. Yes, please.

(Oh yup, that’s Sarah Jarosz making a cameo - love her!)

Mumfords were great live. Very appreciative dudes with personality and talent - the room was full of energy even during their slower numbers.

Some hilarious banter ensued about their capacity (or lack thereof) to do a South Boston accent. (They’re Brits.) Love a band that can banter and interact with the crowd without making us feel like it’s taking away from the music. 

I’d see them again, fo sho.

*Thanks to the maker of this video - it’s one of few that are actually watch- and listenable from last night. 

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