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happy to say I finally made it to my first Josh Ritter show. the dude is my songwriting Jesus, but two previous attempts to see him have been thwarted by the universe. but on this day I was all, “not this time, universe! i’ve had just about enough of your b.s.”

got to hear many of my favorites and great tunes including kathleen, girl in the war, good man, to the dogs or whoever, long shadows, and lillian, egypt. have to say though, the song that hit me hardest was idaho

Out at sea for seven years/I got your letter in Tangier/ Thought that I’d been on a boat/ ‘Til that single word you wrote/ That single word it landlocked me/ Turned the masts to cedar trees/And the winds to gravel roads/ Idaho oh Idaho”

honestly. it’s unfair how good he is.

the Low Anthem opened, and they were most delicious as well. It was my first show at the recently refurbished State Theater, and while I enjoyed it I would have been much happier standing dancing.  


Can I just say that this was hilarious and ridiculous and awesome. Yesterday (10/21) was Josh’s birthday. His first in 10 years not spent on the road. Zach wouldn’t stand for that, so they decided to celebrate tonight at The State Theatre in Portland, ME. “Everyone needs a party dress!”

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