The Worst Day of My Life

ARGH. My favorite NPR program, the Connection, was recently canceled and broadcast its final episodes on Friday, August 5th. According to this Boston Phoenix article, Boston’s WBUR fired host Dick Gordon and ended the program abruptly and inexplicably, citing lackluster ratings and Gordon’s not wanting to take place in fundraisers. According to the Phoenix article, ratings were not down, and Gordon explained his stance on fundraisers by saying that asking for dollars on the air “diminishes the person who you’re hiring as a journalist.”

I’m very upset about this turn of events. I have been listening to the Connection since 2002, when Gordon’s witty, jovial interviews would keep me company while driving through thick Boston traffic to work sites for my environmental consulting job. I have been known to log onto wbur’s audio stream from Athens, Georgia and Cape Cod, checking the website daily to see what topics were being discussed and tuning in when it was something of interest to me, which was far more often than not. I admired Gordon’s ability to engage and participate in intelligent conversations on subjects ranging from international politics to literature and the fine arts, all while never seeming condescending to callers or guests. I learned a tremendous amount by listening to his show and my Monday through Friday 10 am to noon hours will be conspicuously quiet from now on.

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