Sunday was one of those “first days” of Spring. The calendar said it was Spring a couple weeks ago, but you know the days I mean. The sun finally brings some warmth. Layers are stripped off, beverages involving ice are served, dogs pant, crocuses bloom. People throw open drapes, windows, doors, their arms. It’s glorious.

A long day of satisfying yardwork and chores gives way to recreation. Bonus: it’s the kind that provides dinner. Just look out for the sea monsters.

The knock of a quahog against rake in the mud. Scratch around, retrieve, measure, place in basket, smile. Repeat.

And, the final bounty. I wanted photos of the chowder, but the soup wasn’t very photogenic. Just tasty.

Cape Cod is a mighty cool place to live sometimes.


I used the chowder recipe from The Joy of Cooking. This seems like the optimal time to wonder how I survived thus far in life without this book. I love having it by my side in the kitchen. Anything I can think of — technique or actual recipe-wise — seems to be covered, within reason. It’s like having the internet at your finger tips while you cook, only you don’t care as much if it winds up with buttery fingerprints on it. I look forward to cherishing my copy covered in dusty, smudgy, culinary memories years down the line.

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