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I wrote an email to my BFF Rachel today. (Yes, I still occasionally email. Only because of you people who refuse to join Twitter and gmail). In it, I wrote the following sentence:

“It could be that music is actually slowly and methodically simultaneously both ruining and saving my life.”

I kind of have a problem. I eat music with a spoon. Then I put the spoon down and take the bowl to my lips and drink til it runs down my chin. I find a set of lyrics such as these

drive out past the city lights
watch the day turn into night
you’ll feel better by midnight
a winding road will make it right
go ahead it’ll be alright

(excerpted from It’ll Be Alright by Travis Book)

pasted on top of a brilliant, raw, naked acoustic guitar, and smear them all over my brain and heart and body. I consume them until they give me the kind of tummyache that’s totally worth it because the calories came from pure joy.

I listen to all the SXSW coverage I can find, then add the artists that punch me in the gut to my library. I smirk at the witty, image-obsessed hipster commentators (yes, SXSW is apparently a sporting event based on music) and thank goodness that I have at least managed to avoid the indie pop/rock disease. I do like it, I just don’t devour it like I do the folk scene. Country/ blues/ bluegrass/ acoustic music fits the “down home” in me. (Read: I have chickens. I want goats. I dig banjos.)

So I dream of String Summit which I AM GOING TO despite my broke-ass bank account and pending thesis because NWSS will be amazing this year. Also because it reminds me to be alive. And because I NEED MUSIC.

It keeps me sane.

It saves my soul.

And ruins my life.

But go ahead. It’ll be alright.


PRN is a little acronym i picked up that stands for “Playing Right Now.” This is in regards to what’s currently in the slurping bowl. I use it on Twitter often, and on this blog too.

So this is what’s PRN. Enjoy. Would love to hear what you’re gobbling up these days.

  • The Infamous Stringdusters. Saw these guys at the Narrows a few weeks ago. Beautiful, amazing, belly-filling bluegrass. Personality plus. The quirky banjo player (question: are all banjo players quirky? answer: most definitely) even makes a slew of entertaining and yummy youtube videos of the band on tour, etc. Good for much procrastinating pleasure. Fantastic young men. If one could marry a band, I would choose this one. Right now. It could change. I’m fickle like that.
  • Laura Marling. Gorgeous voice, haunting music.
  • The Decemberists, live from SXSW 2009. An awesome show debuting the new album, The Hazards of Love. Very worth the listen – you can feel the energy of the crowd in the recording.
  • Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Very cool voice, loving him.
  • K-Naan. I always like a little hip hop when the sun’s out. This guy is super real. “Dreamer” will make anyone feel good. Love it.

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  1. Gary Apr 3, 12:08 PM

    Can’t really get with the country side of things, but I’ve been into ‘grass now for a bunch of years. If you ever have a chance, check out for high quality, live recordings of well known and up not-so-well known artists, theres a link to the 21 Stringdusters shows up there right now at the bottow of this post….btw, I’ve lobbied for several years to own a medium sized goat. My wife won’t allow it, as she’s into kanye and beyonce’.
    Favorite ‘grass album of all time? Telluride Sessions by Strength in Numbers (Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Béla Fleck, Mark O’Connor, and Edgar Meyer).

  2. jess Apr 3, 12:14 PM

    Gary – Telluride Sessions is awesome!!! And I’m actually listening to YMSB on the LMA right now. :-) Been following Yonder since about 2002 and they are my first true musical love. The recently uploaded Fillmore show from 4.20.02 is a must-listen.

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