It's About Time

I have a shiny new blog design and thought that would help me to write more often, but alas not so far. I am consumed by the summer — not wanting to spend more time in front of the computer than absolutely necessary, and the necessary time is being spent entering the data from my master’s project. It is a klunky, Excel-based process that I am finding boring and exhausting. But enough about that.

I am lucky enough to be spending the summer working in Woods Hole (coincidentally one of the most photogenic places on this green earth). It is a gorgeous place, really, despite the onslaught of clueless island-goers that stop over there. Aside from borrowing a desk for my data entry in NOAA’s Northeast Fishery Science Center Population Dynamics branch, I am also teaching a six-week course in Ichthyology to 11 year olds at the Woods Hole Children’s School of Science. While my teaching skills are a bit rusty (read: nonexistent), I am having a fabulous time dorking out with these 20 fifth graders. I am pretty sure it fulfills some sort of karmic circle to be trying to instill in these kids the same kind of passion about fishes that I latched onto in childhood. It won’t work for all of them, but if it touches even one I’ll feel glad.

So there’s a bit to chew on. I’ll try to write a little more often when I can find a cloudy, thoughtful moment and something to share.

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  1. Rockhound Rach Jul 22, 05:02 PM

    Did I mention I love you?? And I love your blog’s “new look” too..

  2. jea Jul 31, 12:46 AM

    i’ve chewed and chewed, but now I want more Melgey. what else is happening up there?

  3. Coursocied Nov 2, 05:39 AM

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