Spring Fever

The summer solstice nears. My thesis research cruise is completed. All that I seem to want out of life is to read, sit in the sun, walk the dogs, and cook things made from the Spring bounty. Editing now-musty thesis proposal document and preparing for Ichthyology course to be taught in July seem less-than-appetizing.

So Brian and Jake have been working on upgrading my blog. Unfortunately it is a long process, mostly because of the following reasons:

1. They are important people with lots going on.
2. They have other interests besides doing pro-bono web work for slow-to-post amateur bloggers.
3. Brian has like 17 of his own blogs to keep on top of.
4. I am slow to give feedback, and indecisive about a new title.
5. Spring Fever.

But I have a feeling we are pretty close now, and maybe having a new, shiny weblog will inspire me to write more. I’m just going to have to do it from the kitchen or sunporch. :-)

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