On Spring and Life Choices (tumblr)

  1. me

    how is GA on this fine day?

  2. jesslyn

    partly cludy, 71 farenheit

  3. me

    it has hit 70 in massachusetts!

  4. jesslyn

    the bird is on the wing, the lambs are nickering in the fields, etc

  5. me


  6. jesslyn

    heaven be praised! congrats!

  7. me

    love those nickering lambs

  8. i know

  9. soon there will be BBQs and the ceremonial putting away of wool layers

  10. jesslyn


  11. me

    for about two months until it is crappy enough to bring them out again

  12. jesslyn


  13. me

    so get this

  14. jesslyn

    keep those wooly layers close at hand

  15. me

    i just came from a seminar on fish dispersal

  16. jesslyn


  17. me

    the dude does all his work in Paupau New Guinea and Belize

  18. and i realized I AM IN THE WRONG LAB

  19. jesslyn

    hit that!

  20. me

    good god

  21. jesslyn

    for realz

  22. me

    why am i in some cold system trying to catch bats with a butterfly net and a helicopter when i could just SCUBA my fine self around petting clownfish?

  23. jesslyn


  24. me


  25. jesslyn

    i ask myself that question every single day

  26. me


  27. me, i mean

  28. jesslyn

    also, salt water is wonderful for the skin

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