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Maimed Teen Calls For Federal Safety Oversight Of Thrill Rides - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

Way to go, Ed.  I’m happy to see that someone is tackling this oft-forgotten subject.  Having a best friend who was severely affected by an accident at an amusement park, this hits close to home. 

 I never liked “thrill rides” much at all growing up.  Part of it was my propensity for motion sickness, but in general I didn’t get the idea of such fabricated adrenaline seeking.  You want a thrill?  Get up early and watch the sun rise from a beach.  Fall in love.  Climb a mountain.  Swim in a cool, clear, quiet pond on a warm day.  Give a 6’5” man a piggy back ride and laugh til your sides hurt.  Watch your dog catch herring in a stream.

Them’s all the thrill I need. 

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  1. Jake May 15, 06:36 PM

    When I was twelve I gave a piggyback to a friend who was over six feet and weighed like 250 pounds, does that count?

  2. seover Jun 2, 06:34 AM

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