My Wingspan measures 60 inches

So, the NBA Draft was just as entertaining as I’d hoped. Really, from now on, I think I will pledge to watch none of the season and all of the draft each year. Between Stu Scott’s trying to make each draftee as uncomfortable as possible by asking questions like, “So, do you think that by playing off the bench for the Toronto Raptors you will be able to avenge the death of your second cousin who was mercilessly slain in gang violence in tha hood of Brooklyn six months ago?” and “Is there anything you’d like to say to your brother (the one that’s in prison)?”, Jay Bilas giving us every freaking player’s wingspan (what does that mean to me, Jay? this guy has long arms, sure, but in the history of the NBA how much can wingspan really vary and have an impact on a player’s career? does anyone remember Michael Jordan’s wingspan?) and Rashad McCants (heretofore referred to as Crazy Rashad) tapping David Stern on the shoulder and then shrugging to the crowd like “what’s this goofball doing ignoring the Crazy Rashad?” (I fully believe McCants refers to himself not only in the second person but with a ‘the’ in front of his name.) Stern then dutifully shook his hand, while undoubtedly thinking “I’m the Commish. You silly Crazy Rashad. I am bringing you into this league and I can take you out.”

All in all, priceless. I can’t wait to hear the Sport’s Guy’s comments. I feel like this year’s draft was pretty much a hi-light reel of ridiculous draft moments, all of which belong in the Top 60. I am not too upset about Daniel Ewing’s lot—I don’t think anyone really expected him to go much earlier and the way I look at it, the Clippers can’t be awful forever, and they have been for about, oh, well, since they came into the league, so some day there will be a turnaround. And when it happens there will be a plethora of Duke alums there and I’ll finally be able to defend the program against those who have always said Duke players never amount to anything in the NBA by saying “look at the Clips!”

Or not.

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