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Extreme acts of animal cruelty, beef recall | Salon News

Props to Boxer and Feinstein, as usual. But shouldn’t we be trying to prevent cattle from becoming “downer cows” in the first place instead of requiring their euthanization once they reach that point?  Euthanization is a step forward in humane treatment, but it is still inefficient waste of a resource. 

 I know it tastes good.  I know red meat cravings are severe.  Here are my suggestions: Make friends with (or better yet, become) a hunter and put a deer in the freezer.  It lived a happy, free life and didn’t contribute to pollution, waste, and habitat degradation.  It’s great in chili, ground, as a roast, grilled…in nearly every way beef is.  If eating Bambi is not possible, just cut down your beef intake, and try to buy from producers that take care of their animals and the land.  I beg of you.  I am so tired of hearing these stories, and until demand for the product goes down mass production and its associated abuses to animals, family farms and the environment will continue to occupy the status quo.

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