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So, I’ve been working on a series of posts, most of which are long-winded rambles on the states of things complicated and emotion-driven. Frankly, they’ve all got me bored at the moment, so here are some various and sundry thoughts of the day instead.

Okay, so I rented the first disc of the first season of Scrubs on Netflix and watched the first three episodes last night. I am starting to think this show qualifies for the title of Greatest Television Show Ever. I mean, come on. It’s sheer genius! The combination of absolute hilarity through sarcasm, real world drama and message, and artistry in camera work and music selection—it literally makes me swoon (and want to write stalker-type fan mail to Zach Braff).


Speaking of swooning, the NBA Draft is tonight. Which – you guessed it – is everybody’s chance to see everybody’s favorite elf, David Stern, belly-up to black and European men three times his size while giggling/smiling ridiculously and shaking their hands uncomfortably and saying god-knows-what for what feels like an immeasurable amount of time. It makes me happy.
Word on the street is Daniel Ewing will go late first, early second round. Who cares about Shav.


The Feds decided not to give Massachusetts FEMA relief for the red tide, which further enforces my belief that people need to sack up and realize that farmers and fishermen are doing the most important jobs in the world (FEEDING US – WE CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT FOOD) and deserve federal aid and funding in times of disaster. I will stop there. (This is one of the long-winded, complicated and emotion-driven subjects I will perhaps attempt to tackle in full at another time.) The good news is that cell counts for the mean algae are way down and the fisheries may well be back open in a few weeks.


The Northwest String Summit was this past weekend. I bought a ticket, but did not go. Part of me is thankful for this, as Keller Williams and Mike Gordon and keyboards and drums at a Yonder show probably would have made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Okay, maybe it would have been cool (for about 47 seconds) to see Gordon pick a banjo, but really, I’d like to keep my acoustic music acoustic. If I want rock and roll I’ll listen to rock and roll. Dammit.

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  1. Jake Jun 28, 04:01 PM

    I feel like I should comment on more than one thing. But outside of agreeing that fishermen get shafted especially when compared to the “corporate” farm subsidies out there. And that I still don’t pay much attention to the NBA that leads me with Scrubs. (And poor grammer…)

    I’d have to agree with your vote for Greatest Show Evaa, I’m surprised you haven’t been watching Scrubs all along. I have, and it makes my sides hurt pretty much every episode. Of course I’m easily ammused and out of shape, regardless the humor is definitely my cup of tea.

    If you haven’t seen Garden State I’m sure you’ll like that too. Zach starred, directed, and wrote the thing. It has some great moments in it. And Natalie Portman does a superb job. It’s not as silly as Scrubs, but one of my favorite movies.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed you start getting more than just Brian and I commenting. :)
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